Up-And-Coming Armenian Tech Company Making Waves With AI

AI Solutions

Using AI technology, DoWork.AI is a tool that helps project managers and companies that deal with software development, to accurately estimate both the project deadline and budget! It also allows you to track your progress during the project implementation phase, letting you know in real-time that should you continue to work at the same pace you could either be behind or ahead of schedule. Founder of DoWork.AI, Mushegh Gevorgyan, explained the depth of the issue. “With 66% of projects going over budget and 36% over deadline, projects are doomed to fail, in the sense that there is a decrease of customer satisfaction, and increased chance of team burnout, and you naturally lose your profit. AI can use data collected from existing project management tools, analyze past projects, create estimates, send alerts, and keep you more in control.” 


The platform and website, DoWork.AI was founded in the fall of 2020. It survived the idea validation and customer evaluation phase with a prototype that was launched in May of 2020. 


An Awakening

Mushegh Gevorgyan had participated Startup Academy Traction Program supported by EU4Business “Innovative Tourism and Technology Development for Armenia” project, implemented by GIZ. After the Traction Program, and with the financial support received from the ITTD project, Mushegh was able to implement what he had learned during the program and expand his team. 


Challenges and Milestones

Securing a number one spot on Product Hunt was considered a major milestone as part of DoWork.AI’s business development goal․ In terms of product development goals, they were able to conduct a complete UX redesign. As for the technical aspect, they were able to achieve scalability, to run on Amazon Cloud, while also improving their user onboarding processes, keeping their users in the know on all of the newest updates and features. 

“Our next goal is to run a campaign on AppSumo to get early-adopting, paying clients and customers who will be willing to provide us with fair and applicable criticism and feedback”

Communicating with users is among one of the biggest challenges that DoWork.AI has to face. As a startup in the process of iterations, they are consistently trying to make their product fit with the needs of their users. Once a balance is struck and they find the perfect product-market fit, Mushegh is confident that users will begin flocking towards them. “That is the point where you know that you have reached the first major checkpoint as a startup.” 


Eye on the Prize

Currently, armed with a fresh perspective, the team has goals to expand to larger enterprises with their newer module.  


Their current target audience includes companies that do software development as a service, with reputations of being outsourcing businesses and companies. With the newest model, they hope to broaden their horizons and bring product businesses into the fold as well. In the long run, the team at DoWork.AI also wants to expand to different sectors, such as companies dealing with marketing, construction and civil engineering. “They all are sectors which share the same timeline and budgeting issues. Our goal is to increase our tool’s accessibility field by field.” 


DoWork.AI is excited to become a part of the ever-growing technological environment in Armenia. The success of one startup company based in Armenia is the success for all. It helps to create jobs, as a company can quickly grow to a team of over 100 people. The income then is spent in Armenia, subsequently boosting the country’s economy.