"Neurohub" Future Now or Neuromarketing

How to recognize the features of the human brain and create products of the future, how to influence customers, create demand, research and create ads or products that will undoubtedly capture the attention of consumers. This is not an extract from a science fiction movie, but a science called neuromarketing.


Fifteen years ago, when Ani Kyureghyan first discovered neuromarketing, she decided that she needed to know everything about this new branch of science. The first step was to register and participate in international courses. She took the course abroad, and after it Ani decided that she should enter a postgraduate course in neuromarketing, but in Armenia in the early 2000s they did not know about neuromarketing, so there was no educational program to study in Armenia. This became the reason for Ani to start the first neuromarketing company in Armenia and this is how Neurohub Business Academy was established.


NeuroHub is the only one not only in Armenia, but in the whole region.


"Years ago, when I was saying neuromarketing, everyone would laugh and say, 'What is that?' Nobody knew at that time what it was and what could be done with neuromarketing," says Ani, “I would often hear that we are a small country and nobody will need that in our market,”. Ani, with a smile on her face, tells how the people were surprised, when she presented the possibilities and tools of neuromarketing.


With the help of neurotechnologies, it is possible to develop products that will be in demand even after 50 or 100 years. However, the Armenian market was not yet ready to use neurotechnologies. That is why Ani decided to train people first, to teach them, and only then to make them familiar with the neuromarketing tools that can be used to measure and test the effectiveness of any product.


In 2018, Ani brought the EEG device, which measures brain waves, to Armenia for the first time. Neuromarketing differs from traditional marketing in that anyone can participate in the research, not a select group of people, because the goal of neuromarketing is to get the same product to different people and sell it.    


However, an EEG device alone was not enough to do in-depth research to have a full neuromarketing lab. With the support of EU4Business “Innovative Tourism and Technology Development for Armenia” project, implemented by GIZ, Ani also brought to Armenia the first EyeTracker device, which at first glance looks like ordinary glasses. But with these glasses it is possible to examine, to measure how many seconds a person looked at the same point, whether he liked what he saw or not. With this tool, the device finds the hidden keys that can affect the human subconscious. As a result, you can get an ad that has no meaning, no special logic, but once viewed, it is impossible to forget. Or you can use EyeTracker to arrange the supermarket in such a way that it is as convenient for the customer to shop as possible, without any products being overlooked.


Neuromarketing is a state-of-the-art tool that can be used in almost any field, from making videos, writing speeches, or creating ads. For example, with the help of neuromarketing, you can write an influential speech that will impress anyone. Or you can use this device to check how the visitor is guided when visiting any website, what contributed that the visitor makes a purchase or buys nothing.


From now on, any company / business that wants to create an influential and impressive product can turn to NeuroHub to order a separate survey with state-of-the-art neuromarketing devices.


And the world has long used neuromarketing as the most effective way to develop a product. Some companies even publish the results of their research in the field of neuromarketing in the form of a scientific article. 


Ani aims at making Armenia a regional epicenter of neuromarketing so that all major companies entrust their marketing research to an Armenian company.