Grants Programme


We are happy to announce about the EU4Business "Innovative Tourism Action Grants in Times of Covid-19 Scheme" for Armenia’s tourism industry for doing business in these hard times, supported by the European Union in Armenia.


The aim of the EU4Business “Innovative Tourism Action Grants in times of Covid-19” is to support Armenia’s tourism sector to answer Covid-19 challenges by providing financial support (grants) to tourism businesses and consortia of tourism businesses, NGOs and foundations operating in Armenia’s three northern provinces to implement innovative projects to better adapt to and recover from the current crisis

Applications are open by June 28th!!!


The budget must be submitted in AMD. Based on the Decision of the RA Governance Nr. 1112-Ն of 23.09.2009 GIZ is VAT exempted. The budget should be submitted without VAT.


The complete application package should be sent by email to