“CreaTech Innovative Ideas for Creative Industries Development in Shirak Region” Hackathon in Gyumri


CreaTech hackathon which is going to discover and develop “Innovative ideas for creative industries development in Shirak region” will be taking place on October 22-25, 2021 in Gyumri Technology Center.


This is a chance for all creative industry leaders, artists, fashion designers, software and game developers, marketers and advertisers, culture field workers to build innovative solutions to enhance SMEs in traditional industries as well as to create shared creative spaces in Gyumri for collaboration between artists and tech community.


Innovative ideas in following areas will be encouraged by the jury:

  • Development of innovative products/solutions to enhance SMEs in traditional creative sectors (textile and jewellery manufacturing, architecture, music and film production, game development, advertising)
  • Establishment of shared creative spaces for artists and tech community in Gyumri


Shortlisted teams will participate in the hybrid hackathon and demonstrate their prototypes during the Demo Event. Teams will be selected based on the relevance of their idea to the objective of the hackathon and the team’s ability to demonstrate an illustrative prototype of their product.


The maximum number of members per team is four. It is encouraged for the teams to have participants with different backgrounds (IT/high-tech, arts, marketing, etc.). During the two-day hybrid hackathon (October 23-24), participants will learn, build and share their creations with the help of experienced mentors and industry experts. During this time, they will have the opportunity to attend online workshops hosted by industry professionals and consult with several mentors available online and offline.


Teams will be working on the prototypes of their ideas/products remotely as well as will have access to the facilities of Gyumri Technology Center and max 2 representatives of each team will demonstrate their prototype for the jury’s decision at Gyumri Technology Center on October 25th during the DEMO event.  Jury members will be professionals of the field.


Prizes of 1.500.000 AMD, 1.000.000 AMD and 750.000 AMD (including tax) are envisaged for the winners. The prizes will be granted as professional services for the development of the proposed product, that may include e.g. marketing expenses, translation costs, etc.