Supporting Armenian Aviation Sector


The European Union (EU) and the German Government supported the Civil Aviation Committee of Armenia (CAC) with the provision of the specialized hardware and software, as well as targeted trainings for the staff.


The support was provided through the EU4Business Innovative Tourism and Technology Development for Armenia (ITTD) project, co-funded by the EU and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), and implemented by GIZ.


In particular, the support includes the acquisition of the Q-Pulse software, a robust quality and safety management solution, which is designed to harmonize the Committee's activities with the safety requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), including aspects of risk management, assurance, and training.


In addition, the Aviatraining Center, partner organization of the CAC, received a scan for luggage control, as well as laptops and conference room equipment. This will improve the technical competencies of flight crews, air traffic controllers, engineering and technical personnel and aviation security officers.


Aviamed, one more partner organization of the CAC, received important medical equipment to perform general medical examination, vision and biomicroscopic analysis of the eyes, as well as a digital X-ray for health check. These resources are critical to ensuring the well-being and safety of aviation personnel in accordance with international standards.


It is a significant step towards strengthening the civil aviation infrastructure of Armenia making it more safe and secure. The project also supported the development of the new official website of the CAC, enhancing its digital presence and accessibility.


“We are very grateful for this support to the EU, BMZ and GIZ. It puts a solid foundation for further sustainable growth and compliance with global aviation standards,” noted Mihran Khachatryan, Chair of CAC.