Winners of Idea Seed Stage Grant (ISSG)


We promised to introduce you each one of our Idea Seed Stage Grant (ISSG) grant winners, and here we go! Please meet Nairi Baghdasaryan, Artur Hovhannisyan and Artashes Baghdasaryan, team of Bliink, a smart solution for health issues caused by constant computer work.
???? The unpleasant consequences of our digital times are already known: headache, eye dryness, insomnia, rounded shoulders, neckache. However only a small change in our everyday behavior can reduce the risk of the above-mentioned complications, and Bliink is there to help us! A desktop app, which do not collect any personal data and can work in an offline mod, will take care of us while we are working online. With the help of the webcam Bliink periodically checks the blink rate, distance from the screen and sitting position.
????Use Bliink and develop healthy habbits!