CaseKey Business Case Competition 2022


Recently, the Final event of the CaseKey Business Case Competition 2022 was held at the Dilijan Training and Research Centre of the Central Bank of Armenia.


CaseKey Business Case is an entrepreneurial contest between students and young professionals with the aim of promoting cooperation between the Armenian business ecosystem and educational institutions and identifying young people with great potential. 


The road to the Final event was long. It took about 7 months, during which teams from different universities worked on solving various business cases. 


Among many supporters of CaseKey is the EU4Business "Innovative Tourism and Technology Development for Armenia (ITTD)" project, within the framework of which the participants were tasked with coming up with proposals for the internationalisation of "Armath Engineering Laboratories", in particular presenting:

  • the right business model,
  • expansion targets,
  • international branding.


During the programme, participants learn to apply their academic knowledge to solve real business issues. Teams are given real cases from existing Armenian businesses and have 72 hours to prepare and present their solutions. Throughout the programme, a number of coaches from leading educational and business institutions of Armenia work with the teams.


The jury members, selected from different fields, and Mariam Babayan, ITTD project advisor, was one of them, chose the most realistic solutions and proposals to make the internationalisation of Armath successful.


Mariam Babayan notes: "I am glad that there is such a programme in Armenia. It is a mutually beneficial initiative. On the one hand, it helps young people to orient themselves in their further professional development, forming a decision-making culture and business mindset, and on the other hand, it helps organisations to find innovative and interesting ideas for solving their issues. In particular, the discussion of Armath case will help the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises (UATE) to find the best of the proposed solution packages in the internationalisation of Armath.


The Final event started with a panel discussion, the topic of which was the digitalisation of Armenia, in particular, increasing the applicability of the e-Government platform.


The teams then presented to the jury the solutions to the real business cases. According to the jury's decision, Supernova was recognized as the winner.


The most active participants of the teams get the opportunity to represent Armenia in the international competition of business cases to be held in the state of Florida, USA.