Starmus Festival Landed in Lori


«Starmus VI. 50 years on Mars" Science and Arts Festival landed in Lori on September 10. The good news about an important international event planned in their Marz brought much joy to Lori residents. Some of them came to listen to lectures on the universe, others came just to enjoy the festive atmosphere in the Children of Armenia Fund (COAF) SMART Center in Debet village, Lori.


Last year, COAF launched a project to unleash the tourism potential of Lori with the support of the EU4B “Innovative Tourism and Technology Development for Armenia” project. The event “STARMUS Day at SMART” was within the scope of the above project. On the one hand, it makes the prestigious festival accessible to Lori youth, and on the other hand, creates an opportunity to present Lori to much broader circles.


"This event is heart-close to our mission, that is to maximally decentralize knowledge, capacities, interesting movement, by drawing it all from Yerevan to the Marzes. "Starmus" is a great example of this.


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