Business-education connection


To enhance employer-student linkage, to improve tech specialists’ skills and to make those applicable for solving real problems.


Toward this goal, within the scope of the EU4Business “Innovative Tourism and Technology Development for Armenia (ITTD)” project and jointly with TUMO Labs Educational Centre and Krisp company , a six-month intensive training was delivered for the post-graduate tech students. Key directions were three - Machine Learining, AI (artificial intelligence) and Natural Language Processing.


Lately, the results of the project were summarised in the newly-opened TUMO Labs Centre, Yerevan.


“The linkage between students and employers has to be ensured in Armenia. One of the fundamental objectives of this undertaking was to enhance that link. Armenia has a high potential to become a centre of tech talents. For that very reason, we strive to support this particular industry through diverse initiatives,” - says Wilhelm Hugo, Team Leader of EU4Business ITTD project.


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