Support to the largest technological event in Armenia


From 29 to 31 October, the DigiTec 2021 Expo took place in Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concerts Complex (Yerevan) and from 01 to 03 November, DigiWeek Summits were held in Motor Yerevan, which were supported by the EU4Business “Innovative Tourism and Technology Development for Armenia (ITTD)” project. The events unite the technological potential, achievements and future of Armenia.


Since 2005, Digitec Expo has been the region’s largest annual technology event, with over 100 exhibitors presenting their products, services and companies to over 50 thousands of government, education, B2B and B2C attendees.


The inaugural edition of Digitec Summit took place in parallel with Digitec Expo on October 29 and 30, 2021. Digitec Summit as a global conference focused on how emerging technology-oriented countries respond to global challenges and opportunities. The conference consisted of a series of keynote panel discussions moderated by international technology journalists, and features both in-person and online participation by leading entrepreneurs, executives, policy-makers and members of research and academia.


Mr. Davit Kartashyan, Advisor on Innovation and Science to Business Linkages of ITTD, was one of the panelists at the DigiWeek21 Science and Sustainability Summit and noted in his speech: “One of the real problems hindering the further development of the science sector in Armenia is the lack of strong links with other sectors. To overcome this, the ITTD project implements various actions related to strengthening cooperation between science, business and education.”