Creative Incubator ARTBOX Has Been Launched


On September 22, a Partnership Kick-Off Event for the Creative Incubator ARTBOX project took place in Mirzoyan Library, Yerevan with the participation of Her Excellency Andrea WIKTORIN, Ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of Armenia and the State Tourism Committee, GIZ Armenia and Creative Armenia representatives.


Artbox, a signature programme of Creative Armenia, is a creative incubator that provides comprehensive support to creative projects with an eye to critical and commercial success. Inspired by innovative models in business and tech, Artbox is a reinvention of the incubator model for the art world that supports artists in developing, funding, producing, and promoting their creations in film, music, design, and across the arts.


Within the cooperation, the EU4Business “Innovative Tourism and Technology Development for Armenia’’ project, implemented by GIZ, will cooperate with Creative Armenia in support of Artbox project, and assist artists and all the enthusiasts, guiding them all the way from idea development stage till the implementation of their art projects. Thanks to this programme, artists will have the opportunity to gain professional mentoring, financial assistance, and business planning, execution and marketing skills.


The EU4Business “Innovative Tourism and Technology Development for Armenia” project attaches great importance to such initiatives, as creative industries are strategic for branding and positioning Armenia. It fosters art fairs, exhibitions, various festivals and other mass events in the country bringing new emotions, new tourists and attracting new markets. As a result, this initiative will contribute to the development of attractive, inspiring and vibrant cities/regions for people to live in and to visit, further improving livelihoods and having an impact to the economic growth.