An Incubation Programme is Now Over!


An incubation programme by Tourism Innovation Academy is now over!

More than 40 tourism ventures have successfully completed a 3-month programme and presented to an independent Jury their innovative tourism projects, ready to enter the Armenian market and enrich tourism offer.

During the previous three months, the participants had an opportunity to gain more detailed perception business processes, have one-to-one mentorship sessions, participate in the workshops and fruitful discussions and, of course, acquire knowledge. They also had an opportunity to work in an inspiring coworking area, thanks to which they met new people and discussed new ideas. 


We hope that the participants were able to get the most out of the incubation programme and to have a clear vision of their business development. 

We hope that now they can be a good example for a number of people, their colleagues, partners to create a new, more advanced and innovative business environment in tourism sector, which will significantly improve the quality of tourism in Armenia.